Fliss Fox

To what extent are women actively participating and subscribing to images that sexually objectify them: A case study of Facebook

This study aims to discover how far women are actively participating in creating and subscribing to images that sexually objectify them using the case study of Facebook. The study aims to build an understanding of female objectification culture and its transition from old media to new and to analyse how far female objectification is prevalent in Facebook. A further aim is to understand how far women are participating in the production of sexually objectifying images of females on Facebook through the analysis of images taken from three Facebook pages that I am using as case studies. Social media has been less widely studied than media such as magazines in relation to female objectification. Consequently, this study brings a new perspective to the topic of female representation in media because women are now not only consumers of media texts, but producers as well. This phenomenon makes it possible that women with their new ‘prosumer’ status could be involved in creating their own sexually objectifying images of the female gender.