Hope Banham

How Extreme is Too Extreme? Challenging Cinema World Wide

“Whilst understandably society does not want to be exposed to rape, torture and child abuse, films make statements that need to be discussed.” – Hope Banham

As a form of entertainment, cinema is a way for us to escape reality and have time to relax. But what happens when we come across a film that hits close to home or a film where we are forced to witness horrific crimes such as rape, torture and child abuse? At an increasing rate, more and more directors are creating films with the intention of shocking an audience. But why? What’s the point? Are we secretly intrigued by the idea of torture? Do we want to seek films that have been banned for their extreme content? Are we shocked because there is only so much violence we can handle? Or maybe…just maybe… we are more afraid of what we, as human beings, are capable of.