Katey-Rose Gregory

There’s No Place like Home: Theorising the Change in Leisure Time, Scheduling and the TV of British Domesticity from 1950 to the Present Day.

With every new media device, technology or upgraded software that is introduced into the home, another medium is replaced or altered in some way. However, amongst the technological repositioning, television has remained dominant whilst transforming itself to fit its ever-changing audiences and environment. The nuclear family has remained the dominant discourse; where families communally and attentively watch television, however does this activity really still occur or is this simply the portrayal of media texts and literature? The home is the one place where all media devices reunite at the end of each day; a hub of permanent media use and consumption. The impressive shelf life of the television has inspired this work to explore why it has remained such an essential medium over its 60 years in domesticity whilst theorising the huge changes in leisure time, scheduling and household arrangements that have yet to receive much attention in this field.