Laura Bajorunaite

The Digital Big Bang

‘The Digital Big Bang is a light-hearted animation about Digital Immigrants, and their opposite- Digital Natives’.

This animation is a creative practical piece that looks at different generations coexisting in with the technology that has affected world of today. It introduces the terms ‘Digital Immigrant’ and ‘Digital Native’ invented by Marc Prensky. The piece is done solely in Adobe Suite and shows the main protagonist, a dinosaur called Joe. He metaphorically represents the older generation struggling in the today’s digital environments. He worries that Earth might not be able to handle the arguments between ‘Immigrants’ and ‘Natives’ because of their miscommunication. He is soon reminded that it is important to try and understand each other. Having good communication between two parties means choosing methods of interaction accordingly. The video also sends the message of tolerance for our differences as well as the idea that Digital Immigrants can adapt some of the technology to their lives.