Levi Winchester

Blurred lines: Are magazines selling us the same message? Exploring the links between discourse, knowledge and power in Cosmopolitan, Skin Deep and ​Kerrang! 

It is interesting how the media shapes the way we see ourselves and the world around us. What influences are in place to determine this vision, and why are they there?  I have always enjoyed reading magazines but I could not help notice the similarities in the way that women are presented across a spectrum of different publications. It could appear that there is a lack in variety of representation – but is this really true?

The aim of this research is to shed some light on this question by deconstructing the discourses that surround three seemingly different magazines; Cosmopolitan, Skin Deep and Kerrang! Are they really that diverse in the way that they stage women on their front covers? Surely the way that they are portrayed on a women’s lifestyle magazine is different to what would be expected from a tattoo publication? What messages does this then send to their readers?