Neelam Shah

The Phone Hacking Scandal and its Impact on Journalism

My Media Research Project is a Final Major Project based on a political issue on the phone hacking scandal and its impact on Journalism.

The documentary is 15 minutes in length and is going to explore the ethical issues and credibility of journalism after the phone hacking scandal by including views from two Kingston Journalism professors and two students on the impact on the scandal and its effects on the victims and include views surrounding cultural practices of the press i.e. how press should be regulated. And the aftermath of the scandal i.e. what effects the Leveson Inquiry has had on the scandal and on journalism.

The documentary also has facts in the beginning on who was involved in the scandal, victims, how much money was paid to officers etc.

The documentary is mainly aimed at students, in particular Journalism students because it is intended for informative purposes.  The documentary style is performative and expository.