Nelroy Dias


In this dissertation I will research the genre of superheroes comic, films and Television shows. The research will provide me with an insight, to how they respond and become accustom to the heteronormative construction of sexuality and gender. Moreover I will look at how patriarchal and hegemonic discourses of masculinity are constructed. Additionally it will investigate how women protagonist breaks the traditional stereotype conventions and show empowerment of women. The main argument will demonstrate how superheroes and actors playing them, depict and accentuate facets of masculinity and feminism.

My hypothesis is that male superheroes still fit the convections of hegemonic masculinities, while women superheroes break out of traditional stereotype and shows the empowerment of women.

The benefit of my investigation is that it will provide an understanding to how men and women construct to gender norms and break free from the stereotype place of them or conform to them. Plus it will give a detail literature of both men and women movements written with the multidiscipline.