Sian Hewitt


The aim of this study is to explore and discover if the media, specifically contemporary British magazines, is still drastically affecting women’s dissatisfaction with body image. I have an interest in this subject, being a young woman who goes through the different aspects of peer pressure along with desiring the ‘perfect body’. I also have a deep interest in media influence and power due to my focus on media and cultural studies. I am intensely interested in the power of the media and what role it plays in society. Also the difference in era’s, and the way people themselves have changed, sometimes the change becomes extremely obvious when comparing the different eras. The study expressed how the media still affects women negatively and allows them to feel like their bodies aren’t good enough. It all showed different outcomes from women of different races, age and relationship status, the way they saw their bodies were different depending on their personal characteristics. Also discussing the representation of the more ‘curvaceous’ women being in the magazines positively, and exploring the possible future outcome for this.