Victoria To


This dissertation is going to focus on the rap music component of Hip Hop because we’re taking a look at the history of Hip Hop, pimping in Hip Hop and how they are portrayed in music videos. The pimp game will be explored throughout the decades to see whether it has evolved or developed. How has pimping influenced the Hip Hop community? The impact of materialism and consumerism within the pimp icon himself will be discussed, which then leads to a question of why it’s glorified in music videos. Pimping has been glamorised in society nowadays, and that’s started a raunch culture in teenagers. There will be an exploration of how the burden of representation is a major key aspect to Hip Hop culture and how that has affected the representation of Black male rappers and Black females. Does the burden of one individual represent the identity of a whole group? The Black public sphere will also be studied in this dissertation, using Habermas’ critical theory of “the sphere of private people come together as a public” (Habermas, 1991, p.27) it will be a key notion to the expanded understanding of Hip Hop as a youth, cultural and societal movement.